A 7-Day Meal Plan to Lose 10 Pounds Easily

A 7-Day Meal Plan to Lose 10 Pounds Easily

The world has grown into a place where people as individuals have evolved to be conscious about everything. From our looks to what people think about us, we reside in an environment full of insecurities, with the weight and that belly fat bulging outwards being the biggest insecurity a person feels from the inside at least and always on the lookout to cut out some of that excess weight they feel they just lug around daily. As a result, a majority of people are constantly out there on the lookout for quick and easy methods that yield guaranteed and sure shot results leading in a noticeable and considerate reduction in the weight of a person.

Though what many people do wrong while looking to cut their weights is starving themselves in the name of fasting and believing that less food equals less junk in the body that ultimately means a reduction in body fat. But what they don’t realize is that the human body is an engine that continuously needs and demands its fuel (energy that is) – something that can only be derived from the food we consume. As such, if losing weight quickly and effectively is the topmost priority on your wish list, then be rest assured that there does exist such possible ways by which noticeable changes will arise but they have to be followed religiously and rigorously without what the fitness experts like to call a cheat day, because as the name suggests it is cheating upon yourself and ultimately the victim is a person themselves. And cheating upon ourselves is the biggest sin a person can possibly commit because as said, ultimately at the end of the day, it is we only who suffer. Therefore, let us gain some inside details for what it takes to reduce a couple of kilos off of our bodies in a short span of time.

The most natural key to unlocking the secret of burning all those extra calories and fat is to simply keep a check on what we eat and how much we eat. Keeping it light, natural, and nutritious is what lays down the foundation and the determining factor of your success rate.


  • A breakfast packed heavily with carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber, and low on sugar such as apricots, cottage cheese, bananas, honey, wholegrain cereal, fruit toasts, oats, barley, avocado, eggs, citrus fruits or any types of fruits for that matter, along with milk that runs low on fat to wash down all the chewable items on the menu makes for the perfect platter for a healthy as well as nutritious breakfast to keep a person both fit and sharp for the day (at least till lunch arrives). It is advisable to eat a larger and scrumptious breakfast that makes sure that your body does not get any sort of cravings, or feels the need for any sort of eating material to be ingested before lunchtime. However, if the same is not made possible, then the best way to get rid of this crib is to go for a mid-morning snack. A fruit is the best way to satisfy said hunger. An apple, a banana, or something really light is the best way to tide over and at the same time making sure that not too many calories are consumed in the process.

  • The next meal to take care of in what is still a long day ahead is lunch. The highest contribution to the calories consumed should come from protein-rich foods such as say chicken, turkey, spinach, corn, fish (with tuna being the best option), milkshakes, lettuce, mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes/avocado are some of the best options to choose from. The thing to make sure while consuming anything non-vegetarian in nature is that they should be baked or roasted instead of fried to yield the best results. The hydrating agent to wash down that heavy meal should ideally be water. Non-fat milk if available can also be used as an alternative.

  • Two-thirds of the day has passed in terms of eating, and now it is time to go for dinner and put that body to rest. The best combination for a perfect defining dinner would be a meal rich in proteins plus a little fat (because fats are what provide the major portion of the energy we need). Brown rice taken with broccoli, garden salad, yogurt, chicken, potatoes, steamed vegetables and similar stuff are some of the best possible suggestions to take before ending the day on a healthy and happy note. The best-advised liquid would be lime water, dealcoholized white wine, milk (non-fat of course), or even low fat ice cream would be ideal.

Repeating the same process for an estimated duration of 7-10 days (religiously but) with rotations in the menu should go a long way towards cutting almost 5-6 kilograms of weight from your body and giving you further incentive to do the same and bring about a whole another set of glow and confidence within yourself.

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