Ever wondered what a proper food service could do to your health?

We are used to food delivery as a service that dabbles mostly in fast food and unhealthy restaurant food. It is rare to get deliveries from high-quality restaurants so the usual thinking is that food delivery is unhealthy.

This of course doesn’t have to be this way. There are restaurants that serve healthy meals and deliver them regularly. But most people also think that food made in restaurants contains ingredients that you at home would probably avoid. Too much salt, oil, and MSG are all part of this.

Is there a healthy alternative?

Until recently, probably not. But this is changing rapidly!

A small startup called NutriSystem decided to tackle this issue and turn the delivery game on its head! They incorporated weight loss, a healthy diet, and a delivery system all in one. It’s quite simple if you think about it.

The thing they do is unique. You sign up for the service and pick foods that you like. In turn, they will create custom meals made specifically for you. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a whole week! Some of the meals are frozen, some are completely fresh and some are in the form of probiotic shakes. There are also some healthy snacks included in the package so you will never be hungry! The meals themselves are either ready to consume or very easy to prepare. And all of that comes delivered straight to you!

What kind of food is available?

We at Nutrisystem deliver a vast variety of meals for our users all designed to be healthy and promote weight loss. The contents of our packages can vary quite a lot because every person has his own needs.

There are a couple of plans that you can subscribe to and enjoy. You can pick between “Basic”, “Uniquely yours”, and “Uniquely Yours Ultimate”. You can also take our “Mix and Match” plan or even our “Partner Plan”. Whatever suits you best!

So as an example on an average day, you might get something like this:

Breakfast: Juice, a Muffin, mixed nuts, and coffee.
Snack: Low-fat yogurt
Lunch: A hamburger with salad
Snack: Apple slices with almond butter
Dinner: Roasted Turkey Medallions with green beans
Snack: White Cheddar Popcorn

These meals can vary with different plans and dietary needs. Check out all of what we provide on our website!

What makes this product so good?

Easy and Quick
Everything is created in such a way to save you time and money. Perfectly portioned meals and snacks take the thinking out of the equation, and the free NuMi weight loss app will help you keep track of your progress. Making meals is almost as quick as consuming them and everything gets delivered right to you, no need to waste time shopping!

Tracking Your Progress
The Free bundled NuMi weight loss app will help you guide you through and track your progress. It also offers additional features like challenges, prizes, tips, recipes, and much more! The app has its own calorie tracker and it will inform you what nutrients you are lacking or what you are doing wrong in real-time. Take the guesswork out of losing weight with this easy to use app!

Balance And Health
The meals you will be getting are all specifically tailored to your needs. The food is all of exceptional quality, high in fiber, lean with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. These meals are the exact mixture of nutrients to keep you healthy and happy!

Never Hungry
Smaller and balanced meals are the key to success in weight loss and balanced nutrition. The packages we provide have enough food and snacks for you to eat so that you can eat every 2-3 hours. Nutrisystem provides its users with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and shakes! Trust us, you won’t go hungry with us!

Where Can I Buy One For Myself?

The best place to order our plans is on our website. There you will find everything you need. From different plans to specific dietary needs that you want to follow. This is the perfect place to start your weight loss journey!

Be healthy, and enjoy food with us!

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