Acne Face Mapping: a Nifty Trick to Find Out Why You’re Breaking Out

According to traditional Chinese and Indian holistic medicine, all of our internal processes are connected to each other. In addition to this being a part of an ancient body of knowledge, it also happens to be a fact. Who among us hasn’t overindulged in dairy products only to find nature’s revenge spotted across their cheeks the very next day?

Well, it must be a relief to learn that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In fact, our acne is very often a sign of other things that are going on in our bodies. And, wouldn’t you know it, this is something ancient medicine and modern dermatologists agree on.

According to holistic medicine, there are various zones on our faces that are connected to certain organs. Modern dermatologists have managed to explain some of the magic, but most of it remains a mystery. Still, it’s clear that the positioning of our acne may be able to warn us about other, invisible health risks. Besides, knowing the possible causes of our breakouts would make them much easier to control! So to make things easier for everyone, we’ve created this simple guide to acne face mapping — starting with the forehead.

The Forehead

There are actually several areas on our foreheads that break out for various reasons. There are many things that may cause pimples to appear across the center of the forehead. For one, our foreheads are usually the first to show signs of stress and sleep deprivation. However, they also reveal other things about us, like if we’ve been munching on unhealthy foods and beverages.

According to holistic medicine, foreheads are connected to the liver, the bladder, and the digestive system. So if anything is wrong inside of our bodies, our foreheads are likely to warn us.

Still, one of the most common reasons people tend to get breakouts around their hairline boils down to the buildup of sweat, makeup, or even hair products. Fortunately, this problem is pretty easy to solve. Thoroughly washing your face at the end of the day and after strenuous exercise should do the trick.

The other issues should clear up with water and a good diet — which is a magical cure for many different types of acne.

The Space Around the Eyes

Having blemishes near the temples and between and under the eyes is truly unfortunate. However, the reasons why zits may pop up around these areas are all to do with your kidneys and liver. We all know the drill — a bit of H2O and some rest is all it would take to clear up this zone.

More importantly, in this case, it’s all about what we aren’t drinking. Specifically, alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks are the worst culprits here. Incidentally, these are the same things that cause breakouts between the brows.

The Nose

This one may seem obvious since most of us are unfortunate enough to get a zit or two on our noses. However, for those who didn’t know, nose breakouts are usually related to oil buildup. Similarly to the product buildup that can happen around the edges of the face, the buildup of our natural oils can really clog our pores. Anyone who’s ever had a beautician squeeze the gunk out of their pores knows better than to purposefully irritate their skin. The dreaded T-zone is often the setting of the worst of our breakouts.

Furthermore, according to traditional medicine, your nose acne might even have something to do with your heart or blood pressure! So if you’ve noticed persistent acne in the middle of your face, you may want to get checked out by a doctor.

The Cheeks

Like the forehead, the cheeks are very quick to betray our eating habits and our vices. If you’ve been eating a lot of sugar and dairy, you can be sure it’ll show on your cheeks. What’s more, the cheeks are also connected to our lungs. So smoking is not a great idea. In any case, you might as well ditch the habit before it does real damage to your health.

Additionally, dental problems might also cause issues on your cheeks. And the same goes for allergies.

The Jawline and the Chin

According to dermatologists, we have nothing but our own hormones to blame for breakouts along the jaw and the chin. However, stress can also be a contributing factor. When we’re under a lot of pressure, the stress can make our stomach act out, which can cause acne to pop up on the lower part of the face.

Still, rather than to simply advise you to rest, we’ve got a few more practical suggestions. For one, you can try eating more fiber. That will appease your belly and hopefully have the opposite effect on your stress levels. And if no amount of self-care can help, we recommend having your hormones checked. If you have extra androgen floating around your body, you may need to seek treatment to get through your breakouts.

The Neck

Finally, if you ever get acne on your neck — and that’s not something you normally need to worry about — you should buckle in. Sudden neck breakouts are often related to bacterial infections, so you may be about to become sick. You’ll need to drink plenty of water (it’s the miracle cure), rest, and get your vitamins.

Hopefully, this little guide has answered all of your questions and more. As we’ve been saying, adopting a stable and healthy lifestyle and a consistent skincare routine ought to settle all of your acne concerns. However, if you do have the odd breakout now and then — you’ll now be able to know exactly why it’s happening!

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