What’s the first thing you notice about someone that you’ve just met? Their face, right? Well, that’s exactly why your face is responsible for the first impression you make. Therefore, you must take care of it and make it look good.

So, the key to making our face look good is having a flawless-looking skin. One of the ways to achieve just that is making your skin look lighter. If your skin looks lighter, it will brighten up every room you enter and the first impression you make is going to be impeccable.

That’s why we pieced together this short guide on everything you need to know about face lightening hacks.

First Things First — How Does Your Skin Get Dark?

Your skin can gradually get darker due to numerous factors. Some of these factors are overexposure to the sun, the level of pollution, poor diet and stress. In addition to that, when you use chemical-based products for a long time, you are essentially damaging your skin.

How to Bring the Brightness Back?

There are many ways to lighten your skin. Not only by using special skin-whitening products, but also by changing some of your everyday habits. What’s more, we’ll share some of our favorite homemade hacks that will make your skin appear lighter. As you can see, we have a lot in store for you — so sit back and read on!

Improve Your Lifestyle


1. Sun Protection

Exposing your skin to the sun can be extremely dangerous and comes with numerous risks. Firstly, it might generate dark spots, freckles and serious sunburn. And, most importantly, in extreme situations, it might lead to skin cancer. In order to prevent this kind of scenario from happening, you need to apply sunscreen with an SPF on a daily basis. Be generous with it and make sure you’re not skipping this step — even if it’s not that sunny outside.

2. Exfoliation

The surface layers of your skin are most probably filled with damaged, dead cells. For that reason, you need to make sure you wash your face thoroughly in the morning and right before going to bed. Also, at least once a week, you should exfoliate your face. That way, you’ll get rid of all the dead and damaged skin cells. As a result, you’ll get a lighter looking skin.

3. Diet Changes

You will be surprised how much influence your diet has on your skin. Basically, if you have a healthier diet, you’ll have a healthier-looking skin. It’s that simple. So, what you need to do is add more fruits and veggies into your diet and drink plenty of water. You’ll see how your skin will rejuvenate itself in no time. The darker layers will vanish, leaving your skin looking younger, healthier and much brighter.

4. No Smoking Allowed

This one shouldn’t surprise you. It’s no news that smoking is no good for your health. And, when it comes to the skin, smoking causes wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin age much faster than it normally would. In addition to that, smoking limits normal blood flow, which will make your skin look gray and lose its shine. Assuming that’s not the look you’re going for, you should definitely quit smoking.

Try Using Skin-Lightening Products

1. Skin-Lightening Creams

There are plenty of skin-lightening creams and lotions out there. And they actually do work! Essentially, these products work by reducing the pigment that is responsible for tanning and sun spots, also known as melanin.

These products contain ingredients that lead to having a lighter skin tone, such as glycolic acid, vitamin C, arbutin and others.

2. Retinoid Creams

Retinoids are another great product that grants you a lighter skin. Basically, these creams speed up the cell turnover and work through skin exfoliation. One reminder, though, these creams might cause redness and drier skin. Also, make sure you use these before going to bed, as they can make your skin very sensitive to sunlight.

3. Chemical Peels

Another way to achieve a lighter-looking skin is by having a chemical peel treatment. These treatments work by burning away surface layers of your skin. However, this method is rather aggressive and harsh, so there might be some swelling and redness after the treatment.

4. Microdermabrasion

Finally, we have one more treatment that will make your skin look brighter — microdermabrasion. This method works by removing dead cells from your skin with a diamond tip that is applied to the face and sucks them into a closed vacuum. It’s short and pain-free. After a couple of treatments, your skin will look younger and way healthier.

Homemade Hacks

As promised, we’re going to share two of our favorite homemade remedies that will leave your skin looking absolutely flawless and way brighter than it was before:

1. Honey

Honey comes with numerous benefits to it. Apart from its antibacterial properties and moisturizing powers, you can use it to bleach your skin as well. Apply it to your skin, massage it into the skin and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Afterward, rinse it off with lukewarm water and you’re all set!

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. Most importantly, it can serve you well for skin-whitening purposes. The steps are the same as for the honey. Apply it — massage it — leave it and rinse it! It doesn’t get easier than that!

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