How to Conquer the “No Time” Myth

The most common excuse everyone uses in order to justify themselves for not working out is the lack of time to do so. However, and we all know this, if we want something really bad, we will make it happen. On the other hand, if we don’t want it bad enough, we will reach for the “no time” excuse.

The “I have no time” excuse is almost as bad as the one where kids say a dog ate their homework. Essentially, the excuse of not having enough time is the worst out of all possible excuses out there. It’s understandable not to set working out as the top priority, but we should try to conquer the lame excuses and stay true to ourselves.

Let’s see all the possible scenarios where people use the “no time” excuse and learn how to find some time even in those cases.

1. Being a full-time mom

One of the most frequent arguments to why someone doesn’t have time to work out is the fact that they have kids. However, and you’ll have to agree with us on this one, having kids doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting about yourself and your needs.

Yes, we know that kids really know how to mess up your schedule and interfere with your habits. But you need to set some time aside for yourself. You have enough hours in a day to take a 30-minute jog or perform a quick HIIT at home. Make time to have time for yourself! That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Think of it like this — your kids need a healthy mother, and in order to be healthy, you need to take care of your body. Period.

2. Working full-time

The runner-up in the “why I have no time to exercise” reason category is the full-time job that leaves us totally drained. Well, it’s true that being employed full-time means dedicating a significant portion of our day to our job. But please focus on the word “portion” because there’s still some leftover time in our day for other activities.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of the stress of your job and forget about your nagging boss, go ahead and do that by exercising! It has been proven that physical activity leads to lower stress levels, making you happier and healthier, too. So find some time before or after going to work and squeeze in a workout. You’ve got this!

3. No gym near you

Another pretty common reason is not having time to go to the gym. Either it’s too far away, or it has working hours that clash with ours. Well, who said we must go to a gym or any other facility in order to break a sweat?

We’re pretty sure someone just made this up. Find a corner in your bedroom or wherever you feel most comfortable in your home. Then, spread a mat and just begin the workout! You need to learn that even doing a short workout is better than doing nothing at all.

We don’t need to work out two hours a day, seven days a week, in order to get ourselves in better shape. In fact, we just need to start working out, and the difference will be visible in no time. That will be a reason enough never to use the “no time” excuse again!

4. Being tired all the time

Finally, here’s another reason for not having time to work out — and it comes down to just not having energy or will to do so. Well, here’s an idea! The next time you feel tired and you start thinking about having a coffee, do a workout instead. Research shows that exercising boosts the energy levels, and most importantly, it does that in a natural way!

Bottom line

Alright, guys! Now you really have no excuses left to say you don’t have time to put some work in! Just ask yourself if you really want to be the best version of yourself. We’re assuming you do. That’s why we have no doubt that you’ll start spending your time wisely and investing in your better self.

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