How to remove freckles naturally at home?

Freckles may be harmless to the skin, but they are annoying to most people. We all wish we had a flawless skin without any visible dark spots especially on the face. If you have tried creams and not found them effective, we will give you natural remedies that you will find useful. Read on!

What are freckles and what is the cause?

Freckles are common in people who have light skin. Your skin has cells known as melanocytes that create melanin. It is the component responsible for your skin color and prevents you from UV rays. When you expose your skin to excess sun, it starts producing more melanin than you require. This becomes visible as spots on the surface.

The spots start forming as clusters of the cells of your skin containing melanin. In some people, they appear as brown spots while in others, they turn black. Apart from the sun, genetics is also another cause of freckles. Genetic freckles tend to reduce as you keep on aging though those caused by sun damage increase as you age.

They may not only appear on the face but also around your arms and shoulders. People with sensitive skin are more prone to freckles that those not affected by the sun. The size of these spots may not be similar in people and big freckles may need medical intervention.

Natural remedies for removing freckles

1.Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar exfoliates skin cells to bring out a lighter skin underneath the freckles. Combine vinegar with some honey and mix them well before applying on your face. Give it some 20 minutes to get absorbed underneath your skin and use warm water to rinse it out.

2.Aloe vera

This is a herb that has aloesin which prevents pigmentation of the skin since it combats the excess creation of melanin. It can remove the brown spots on the face and keep your skin moisturized. The herb also boosts its elasticity and prevent you from skin irritation.

You can use it by massaging some aloe vera on the freckles. You can also use it before bed and leave it on your face for the entire night since it is safe and has health benefits for your skin.  Feel free to combine aloe vera with lemon juice to speed up the exfoliating process.

3.Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural exfoliant that gets rid of dead cells on the skin and dark spots caused by freckles. You can use it along castor oil which is also a natural component that heals damaged skin. Mix castor oil with baking soda and use it on the face and arms or shoulders.

4.Radish juice

This is among the traditional remedies that have been known to manage freckles. It works by preventing the production of tyrosinase that is responsible for melanin synthesis. Radish juice works adequately due to its phenolic compounds, and vitamin C. Apply radish juice daily on the freckles and watch them disappear.


Buttermilk contains lactic acid which gets rid of skin pigmentations. It allows your skin to shred the epidermis layer so that your skin develops a new bright-looking skin without blemishes. It also reduces melanin deposits on your skin so that you can manage skin breakouts and cases of pigmentation.

The lactic acid in buttermilk encourages your skin to produce a lot of collagen to make it firm and elastic. Apply buttermilk on the freckles and wash your face after some time. You can also get lactic acid from yogurt and sour cream.

6.Turmeric paste

This paste is also a traditional remedy for treating freckles. It takes care of hyperpigmentation by preventing the excess creation of melanin. It works well due to the inclusion of the curcumin component in it. You can make a paste from mixing turmeric powder with water then applying on spots on your face. Allow the paste to dry completely on your face then rinse it off.

7.Lemon juice

Lemon juice has citric acid that exfoliates your skin and minimizes how the brown spots appear on the surface. It also contains vitamin C which prevents the formulation of melanin. Use lemon juice on the face then apply olive oil as a moisturizer.

8.Licorice extract

This extract can also curb hyperpigmentation since it contains glabridin which minimizes the excess production of melanin. Use some cotton balls to dab licorice roots on your face. You can also mix it with some face oil such as coconut oil before applying it on the freckles.

9.Soy milk

Soybeans contain healthy proteins that minimize melanin on your skin. Use a cotton swab to soak it inside soy milk that is not pasteurized then apply it on the freckles.  The pasteurization in soy milk can interfere with its capability to lighten the skin.

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