How to moisturize your skin?

We all have different skin types that are either normal, dry or oily. Regardless of your skin type, you need to moisturize it regularly since the skin tends to lose moisture fast from different conditions. This should be a common habit especially for those with dry skin.

You should not let conditions such as the weather or aging prevent you from achieving a smooth skin. You can start by treating dry skin by looking for the right moisturizer. Below are ways in which you can moisturize your skin quickly and always keep it glowing.

Find a good moisturizer

Moisturizers differ in the components used to make them. The purpose of getting a moisturizer is to provide your skin cells with sufficient moisture. When looking for one, confirm that it has elements such as occlusive and humectants which draw moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Get a moisturizer according to your type of skin. For dry skin, you will need one that is oil based such as petroleum jelly. Check out St Ives facial moisturizer which contains collagen and elastin useful in repairing and restoring dry skin.

Choose a moisturizer that is water-based for oily skin so that the pores of your skin do not get clogged. You can choose Nivea moisturizing crème which gets absorbed into your skin quickly without leaving an oily surface.

For sensitive skin, you should be more careful with the ingredients since anything can cause a reaction. Get a moisturizer that has medicinal value or soothing properties. For instance, it can include elements such as aloe.  Avene rich cream would be ideal for sensitive skin since it prevents you from conditions such as itchiness.

Aging skin would need a moisturizer that is petroleum- based which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Petroleum jelly is a safe moisturizer for mature skin.

Minimize your bathing period

Bathing for long makes you get rid of the oily layer of the skin making it easy for the surface to lose its moisture. Check the temperature of your bathing water since it should not be too hot to wash away the natural oils on your skin.

When bathing, shut the door to maintain humidity in the bathroom. Blot your body with a towel instead of rubbing it. Apply your moisturizer as soon as you are done bathing. Ensure that your skin is entirely dry before moisturizing it. Avoid using scrub brushes and bath sponges which are harsh to the skin.

Replace harsh skin care products with gentle ones

Avoid beauty products that contain acids, alcohol or dyes since they can irritate your skin. These are common in some colognes and after shaving creams. If you shave your legs, you can use a moisturizer on them before shaving.

Your laundry detergent and fabric softener may also be harsh to your skin. Get gentle products that don’t cause severe dryness on the skin.

Look for a body wash

Your body wash should match your skin type. Look for one that has components such as jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil. These facilitate moisture retention preventing your skin from drying out. Seek guidance from a dermatologist.

Moisturize your hands and body regularly

Every time you wash your hands, remember to apply moisturizer on them to prevent them from drying. Form a habit of carrying your moisturizer with you on the go so that you can use it on your body to prevent your skin from sun damage. Come up with a skin care routine that you can follow to treat dry skin.

Make use of a humidifier and as you avoid dry heat

If you are in the habit of warming up using dry heat, it may affect your skin. You can maintain a humidifier indoors to moisturize the air so that your skin does not lose its moisture. During winter, you can prevent your hands from drying out by using gloves. Choose rubber gloves when washing utensils because soap and hot water can dry the skin.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Increasing your water intake can enhance skin health. It provides the skin with sufficient moisture to keep it hydrated. Avoiding smoking can also prevent your skin from aging since smoking causes the development of wrinkles.

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